We value our clients' experience at Arboles Animal Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Louis Bremer, DVM

Kim G. -

"AMAZING, loving veterinarian and staff! Your pets really get treated like royalty. They have state-of-the-art ultrasound and laser machines, and Dr. Bremer is always caring, supportive, and professional. I wouldn't take my three pets anywhere else! Thank you for showing me that a Veterinary practice doesn't have to gouge your wallet to provide EXCEPTIONAL care! You're the BEST!!!"

Cheyne Y.​​​​​​​ -

"Let's start by dog's a bit of a handful! That said, I know she's in good hands with Dr. Bremer and his team. They're gentle, patient, and get her in and out--which is necessary for her stress level and mine. Love them!"

Nalita M. -

"Arboles Animal clinic is really personable and I always feel my baby is in good hands when I have to let her stay. I've been here for dental cleanings, a tooth removal and a foxtail removal from her ear."

Brenda S. -

"My 7-year-old chihuahua corgi mix was constipated and had an extremely red behind, so I took him to Dr. Bremer. It turned out to be an impacted anal gland. It ended up rupturing and they used a cooling laser to help heal the wound. I was sent home with antibiotics and Meloxicam and good care instructions. Dr. Bremer called me the next day to check up on Shadow. I am very grateful to the staff at Avenida Arboles Clinic for their kind treatment."

Pam K. -

"What an amazing place to bring your pets. Dr. Bremer is Amazing and saved two of my dogs' lives. He stayed with my dog after hours and gave me his number to call him if I needed him. Staff is amazing!"

Ryan S. -

"We love taking our dogs to the Arboles Animal Clinic! The staff is always friendly and professional and makes us (and our pets) feel safe and at home. We have had nothing but positive experiences with them."

Christa C. -

"HIGHLY recommended. Everyone who works here and very knowledgeable and extremely kind. Pricing is very reasonable and more costly procedures are only recommended when legitimately needed and after other options are exhausted. Recently had to put one of our cats to sleep and the staff was so understanding and compassionate. You should absolutely take your pet here!!!"

Jonathan E. -

"When you need knowledgeable and friendly care for your pet family members, Arboles Animal Clinic will feel like home."

Raelynne -

"When we rescued our little guy, I wanted to find a convenient, clean, pleasant and professional place to provide care for him. We found the right place for Benji and our family. The staff is so caring and knowledgeable and I know that he's getting the best service and care. They are also understanding of our wants for the family pet and I really respect that. Thank you to Dr. Lou and the whole staff!"

Kay -

"We met Dr. Bremer three years ago this fall. We had decided we were going to look for a new vet for our 9 year old Chi/Doxie, Max. Max was a rescue dog for us when he was five years old. We found Dr. Bremer after coming out of a Trader Joes and noticed the Arobles clinic in the same parking lot. We decided to go check it out To our surprise Dr. Bremer had just taken over the clinic that particular week. We were delighted to meet him and his Mrs. who was helping him for a while. We decided on the spot after talking to him for a bit to make Max's first appointment. It was a pleasure to not be going to a harried and overly busy and overly expensive clinic in our local area. We never had to wait more than five minutes for Max to be seen. Dr. Bremer treated Max for a 2 week episode of kennel cough, twe dental cleanings with the loss of several teeth, the usual check-ups and booster shots and a couple other episodes that I don't remember now so we have gotten to know him and the staff pretty well. Sadly, just four weeks ago we agreed with Dr. Bremer it was time to put Max to sleep. He couldn't walk anymore, now in his 14th year and with a crushed disk. Dr. Bremer stayed with us and talked quietly to me during the final procedure while I stroked and talked to Max. We have another little chi/doxie. Her name is Molly. She is 7 years old and she will be going to Dr. Bremer for a long time. The staff is small and very caring and attentive at Arobles. We trust them with our dogs implicitly."

Ben -

" Well, I'm home from a long night at work, but kept thinking I couldn't wait to "friend" and post about Arboles Animal Clinic after another great experience today. Dr. Bremer and his entire staff are simply the best veterinary professionals I have ever encountered (they are the third Dr. and staff I've been through in T.O.). We came to know Dr. Bremer and Nate at a difficult time a few years ago. Our beloved golden boy, Lindsey Buckingham, was stricken with cancer at age 7. We had been seeing the previous Dr. at Arboles and were never treated well or given what we felt was serious care for our boy. We thought we were out of luck in Thousand Oaks in terms of quality pet care. Then, without so much as a phone call (ongoing cancer case), nor postcard, we learned that Dr. Bremer had taken over the practice when we scheduled an update. The difference in service and CARE was incredible! We suddenly had a compassionate staff that were immediately helpful in discussing options and end of life care.
Now, we are a happy home with 1 year old Bruno! He's a Spinone Italiano, a rare breed. Although we've moved to Camarillo, we are happy to brave the grade to visit Arboles Animal Clinic. Oh, boy! The attention he gets from Laura, whoever that new "shop girl" is, and Nate? This is the only dog I've known to be happy to go to the vet. He wimpered and cried and dragged us inside! Countertop cookies, yes please! A special thanks to Laura for reminding us we needed another visit. Greg and I consider you all family!"

Julia -

"Love this place! I have a 8 year old pocket beagle, Noodles. We have been taking her here ever since they've been opened. Wonderful staff, great prices, and friendly service. Every time I've taken her here, they've always been very helpful. I'm definitely thankful to have a clinic like this so close to me. Definitely would recommend to others!"

Paula -

"Friendly, laid back, and experienced staff that treat my dog and I like a member of the family and even gave me a discount when my dog needed eye surgery (which was done wonderfully). They also refered me to a great groomer with whom I am also very pleased with. This is a very small clinic, but I like that there isn't a lot of hustle and bustle which allows for a lot of one on one time with the veterinarian and other staff members."

Robin -

"It's rare to find a vet who makes you feel as though he loves and cares for your pet as much as you do. Dr. Bremer is the kindest man who speakes to you as a person and really helps you understand what is going on with your pet. If you have a question, guaranteed, it will be answered.
Laura, Dr. Bremer's assistant is incredibe. She has a gift with animals, and you just know that she is a huge animal lover.Nate is incredible as well, he's a gem. All the pups love him.
It's so refreshing to have found a vet with such an amazing staff. This is the first time I have found a vet that I honestly feel is not in this profession for the money but has a deep love for his job."

Kim -

"EXCELlENT CARE. I switched to Dr. Bremer from a hospital that I was very happy with only because he is so close to my home and that was a huge benefit for my dog who gets severely car sick. I am so happy I made the switch. I have two Dogs, one of which is a rescue dog with many ongoing health issues. Dr Bremer has helped us through his chronic, ongoing health issues as well as caring for him during a life threatening, acute illness he had last summer. The care we receive each and every time is personal and thorough. They have always given me several avenues to choose from with different price options for each. His pricing is less than I was paying at the last hospital . Nate and Laura are always willing to get us in quickly. I have used them for basic care like vaccinations, grooming, boarding, and very specialized services and surgery. I have never been disappointed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a great, full service clinic. Personal service, fair prices, and top quality care and love for your pets! Also, they are conveniently located around the corner from a 24 hour emergency care hospital ( which I have had to use as well) making it very convenient if your pet needs to be transported back and forth. Nate is available for pet-sitting as well, which I have found very helpful with a dog who has chronic medical issues! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Kris -

"I am so glad to find Arboles Animal Clinic! Not only are they close to my home, but the office is so friendly and the staff is amazing! Dr. Bremer daignosed and cleared up a chronic condition with my dog and I am so grateful!"

Ashley -

"Arboles Animal Clinic has been a great new vet to my kitty upon my recent move to Thousand Oaks. My previous vet faxed over old records, and Dr. Bremer's team used them to be timely and prepared upon our first visit. The staff at Arboles Animal Clinic is friendly and honest. They provided me with great professional opinions that took into consideration my cat's health and my personal budget. They provided an affordable medication that helped my cat recover from his symptoms. In addition, they have great information and understanding, and are patient and polite with multiple phone calls from me for clarifications on treatment options, pricing, and any other questions I had. Being one of their patients also comes with a great online resource that allows the pet owner to access information, past treatments, and tips for a healthy pet. My family and our four-legged loved one are grateful for the awesome work done by Arboles Animal Clinic."

John -

"First, a little history. Several years ago, this clinic was owned by Leslie Schwartz. I was a happy client for years, and I recommended the business.Dr. Schwartz eventually retired, and the practice was taken over by another vet. After many less than satisfactory experiences, I changed vets and wrote off this practice as a business that I would not visit again.Early this year, I noticed that the ownership had changed hands again, and as I had an aging and sick Pit Bull on my hands, I decided to try the new vet. What a difference! Dr. Bremer is one of those down-to-earth, caring vets that I had missed. The care he gave my old Pit, Hannah, was exceptional. Unfortunately, my dog was too old and too sick to save, but Dr. Bremer was compassionate and caring. In February, I rescued a young Pit Bull from a local shelter. He had some issues, and I returned once more to Dr. Bremer. Despite some challenges with strange symptoms, the service and caring I get from Arboles Animal Clinic is excellent. The entire staff is great, good-humored and supportive. Their billing is very fair and reasonable, and they are not one of those vets (all too common in Thousand Oaks, unfortunately) who rack up huge bills for a long menu of tests whether they are really necessary or not (CYA...).As an example, I left a message over a holiday weekend, to make an appointment for the following week. Within an hour, I received a call back from Dr. Bremer on his day off, offering to meet me at his clinic. He met me at the office within minutes, and spent an hour working on my dog. Truly exceptional attention and service.I would recommend this vet without reservation."